Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Hollow Hills

Max is patiently waiting for me to come back to bed. And I just might this morning.

The leaves are swirling so patiently down into the pool. I may have to climb in it one more time to clear them from the bottom. And the tomato plants have been tidied for the winter...read: mowed down. But the zinnia are still blooming away, and the lavender is at it's most beautiful...the needles are olive green, and the blooms themselves are a dark, dark purple.

In the summertime, I can let the apartment "go."  But now, I want everything around me to be tidy and clean. And I pull out the winter colors, the jewel tones, to spread around me...burgundy, deep gray, teal. In keeping with the Halloween theme I am encouraging in myself, I am reading Mary Stewart's fictional account of the Merlin/Aurthur legend...The Crystal Cave series, or as it is known by her readers, the Merlin Series. There is nothing like losing myself in the magic and mist and songs of 5th century Britain.

Ok. Just made a trip outside to let Max out, and cleaned the leaves in the pool filter while I was out there. My hand was frozen in about two minutes...what in the world made me think I could get in that water? Well, but it has to be done somehow...

I'll figure it out. Enjoy your coffee this morning, Merlin is whispering my name from the Hollow Hills...

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