Friday, October 26, 2012

Extra Sides

Someone has unfriended me on Facebook, and it's a blow. A blow, I tell you, a blow.

Now for something really important...after really horrible nightmares about my brother, and an attack of paranoia this morning, the day is shaping up a bit better. I am doing nothing but dog related things today: bath, then a walk, and some tidying up, so it looks to be relaxing.

There is a cold front headed our way and it's pushing rather a large warm front through first. And I would really like to talk about instead, the problems with my relationship with my brother. But my blog is not anonymous anymore. I may have to set up shop somewhere else as well, just to get these nasty tidbits off of my chest. The Saucy Brit, who has several things on her chest as well, suggested the title of: " Cold Hard Karma with Extra Sides of Revenge and Screaming Truth." Rather poetic, don't you think?

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