Monday, October 8, 2012

Mine With Lemon

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and sweet, with a touch of lemon. Lemon enough not to want to stay there forever, and sweet enough to make the trip worthwhile. I have had several months of anticipatory nostalgia, and one weekend of intense nostalgia. I would stay there forever, but to do so requires us to shrivel and grow old with only the past around us.

I consider that I have the best of both worlds...Beth (of Beth and Bubba fame) is part of my past, but she is anything but part of nostalgia. She is vibrant, and current, and makes me stay that way, too; out of tea and sympathy. I hope she does so until my tree falls in the forest.

But we are back to this day, and this morning, tucking the memories away until it is time to pull them out, like old clothes from a chest, and pull a poem from the faded ribbons.

This morning is the coolest yet in this Fall, and I haven't opened the window for the unicorn meat eating cats to go out yet. I have been training Max, the dog, all summer not to go out until 9 AM. It is not paying off. But I hold the hope it will kick in sometime this winter. Before it truly turns cold.

And the moss grows further up the trunk.

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