Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, Again?

Well, Hurricane Sandy has moved in, and it means some cold rain right now. We are supposed to get some wind in this small corner of the world, but for now, it just looks like the unicorn meat eating cats will be using the litter boxes today.

My mind has been obsessed this past weekend, making it impossible to write. Once some event or conversation triggers me, I cannot concentrate on anything else. So, among some pleasant events happening in the world; in my mind, I have been pretty miserable the past couple o days.

But time and rumination and rest have done their best and I am feeling pretty chipper this morning. I have to skim the leaves off of the pool this morning, so I had better feel good. I do like pitting myself against the elements, and coming in to warmth and three cozy animals...

I like the feeling of the wind; it brings out some ancestral memory. There is not a day that goes by in Scotland where the wind doesn't blow...and surely the Old Ones felt the same in winter. Listening to the storms coming down from Viking territory, and waiting for their eventual arrival. It's a feeling of the ancient Earth moving and speaking to us, as it speaks to us through the trees that groan in the wind, and the birds that fly South fast.

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