Thursday, October 25, 2012


Therapy was good yesterday, but hard to sit through. Discussing my distorted thinking patterns brings up innumerable fears, and a kind of hopelessness. But this is how health is hour at a time. The steady, plodding nature of the whole process is usually too much for us. We give up, long before we reap any reward from it. Instead, we look for a chemical breakthrough, legal or illegal.

But the mist must have risen this morning, as it lays now on the grass, and the leaves, which are cold and wet to my feet. Today will be one of the last beautiful days for a while, and I intend to savor it, and the lemony color of the light that we get in autumn.

So I am off to savor, and breathe the fine air, and I hope to meet you there on the edge of the mist.

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