Friday, January 3, 2014

Wind Day

It's almost horrifying that, not only can I hear the wind whistle the lines that carry electricity, outside my windows, but that my windows seem to be whistling back at them. I think it's time to head to the local hardware store, and see what kind of duct tape is available.

I am used to living in basements. The wind doesn't whistle in a basement. The ground in this area will only get so cold. The heating bill can only go up so much. But I have chosen, for differing reasons, an apartment with a lot of windows in an old building where nothing is quite square. I wanted lots of sunlight, and I get it, along with lovely views of the sky. But I also get the wind.

It tells me stories of Canada, as it moves through. My apartment faces north-northwest. I can look toward my beloved old House, as I sip my coffee in the morning, and watch storms approach. But my Christmas tree is still lighted, and it warms the whole apartment. It is simply too cold and frigid to do without it.

Max, the young dog, has taken to sleeping under a blanket, night and day. He has no downy undercoat, as Eddie did. The cats are expert at finding the warmest spots, of course.

When I took Max walking this morning, the wind was simply startling in its ferocity. My saving grace was the barn coat and Egyptian wind scarf that I wear. It's time to eat, and take my meds. Stay warm today.

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