Sunday, January 12, 2014

Coffee Sunday

It is the coffee time of day. It is brightly sunny, although cool, and coming home to coffee after walking the dog, is the best time of day. I plan to shop for a tv today. My old one doesn't pick up digital signals, and there is no place to plug a "converter" in. I can't afford cable or dish, and so, a new tv, albeit a small one, is the answer for me. At least then, I will get the 13 local channels.

And if that's not enough trivia for one day, I don't know what is.

I don't feel like drinking today, nor cutting. I feel well and whole. It's a miracle for that to happen in the middle of winter. I place it squarely on the fact that I have a great deal of indirect sunlight from many biggish windows, now. I suspect that Max's daily walks have something to do with it, as well. I eat better than I used to, less fast food and chocolate.

The cats know it is a Sunday morning: they are asleep. Ratty prefers the pink, velvet chair. It has always been his favorite, although his bright orange fur clashes a bit. He looks more picturesque on the dining room chairs, which have seats covered in rust colored corduroy. But he pays no mind. There are better things in this world to think about for him, than where he looks best. And he's right.

Max waited until late to wake me for his walk, and I am appreciative. He did want to go out about 3 a.m., but things are different now, and so he climbed back into bed.

I find, in my alone state, that I like something going on in the background now. Sometimes it's NPR, National Public Radio, sometimes it is a DVD that I load into my TV. Usually, it's Harry Potter. I like the music, and the scenery, and don't have to pay too much attention to the plot. It is simply companionable.

I wish I could find something deeper to talk to you about. But, right now, I am simply recovering from a busy, frenetic season. Some walks in the cold and Spring loom in the future.

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