Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Calm from Canada

The massive storm that has moved down from Canada has hit us. Today is icy rain, and the temperature is supposed to be -1F in the morning. But the wind does not blow and Max, of course, had to have his walk this morning. Now, his small, heated body keeps my legs warm and toasty.

I am still fascinated by the endless succession of visitors to the 7-11 next door, and the line of traffic that surges down the main street in front of it. It is a peaceful neighborhood, on the whole, and I have begun to pick up trash on my daily walks with Max. I remember vividly the anti-litter campaign that came out in the early '70's, featuring a weeping Native American in full regalia. I still believe in not littering. I know the problems that landfills have, and New York pays Virginia so much per ton, to take its trash, but a small step is a step in the right direction, is my belief.

One year, while seriously depressed, I walked Eddie everyday beside Tinker Creek, on the Hollins University campus. I began picking up trash as I went; it disturbed my heart to see it lying about. People began to notice my efforts, and today, the campus is markedly trash free.

I remember reading the story of Mary McLeod Bethune, when I was a girl. Her name may not be familiar to you, but it is a fascinating read. She was a noted African-American educator back "in the day." Anyway, she once said that no one is so lazy that they should walk by a scrap of trash, and not pick it up. That responsibility rests on us all.

I don't know where this is leading, but they are my thoughts as I walk Max in the morning: sunlight, ice, and Mary McLeod Bethune.

I hope you have some equally enlightening thoughts coming your way, on this winter morning.

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  1. When I visited Victoria,B.C. in Canada a few years back, I came away with the thought: If we're the greatest nation on earth, why can't we pick up our own trash?