Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I feel absolutely normal today. What an odd sensation!

On Tuesday, I took the kindly stepfather to his brother's funeral. I was a casket case. I do not do well at funerals. It is not the contemplation of my own mortality that messes up my head, but the memory of similar rituals in the past, when I was not sane. What the body learns, the body will repeat. It's called muscle memory, and is the biggest hurdle, besides Vapid, in my path right now.

Usually, I don't let noise from the outside world into my blog, but the piggy instincts of NBC bear scrutiny. Actually, pigs are very intelligent and quite sensitive, so I will forgo that description...suffice it to say that NBC has once again screwed up. From it's f**ked up coverage of the Olympics, to it's non-coverage of the Paralympic Games, to it's refreshing coverage of a Kardashian breast job during a memorial moment yesterday, the Powers That Be at NBC have defied description yet again. They are an embarrassment to our planet.

Speaking of the outside world, the news that the embassies in Libya and Cairo were attacked yesterday resulting in the death of the American ambassador to Libya, is alarming. I think the weight of those actions will sit on our shoulders for some time, and I dread the increasing noise from those countries. Save us from another war!

Harry Golden, the noted writer from New York and North Carolina, once remarked on his collection of newspaper articles. After a half a century of collecting the headlines, what really interested him, and what he found most valuable, were the articles on the other side of the paper. The everyday news of goings on in the community. Wars come and go, but a little girl's confirmation is a lifetime event that shouldn't be missed...

I wish I could describe how profoundly the above events have affected me, but the news is too new. In a world that went insane a long, long time ago, all I can do right now is hold onto the life raft of my own sanity. Even in my madness, I cannot make up the headlines in today's paper.

And the unicorn meat eating cats are hunting, but I have forgotten to listen to the zinnia this morning...

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