Friday, September 21, 2012

Birth Day

The weather is prime for unicorns, and I have to restrain the cats from bringing in 2 or 3 through the window in the morning...

The year is truly winding rather quickly into Fall, and I soak up the weather like it's my last breath.

My therapist, Vinnie, is moving today to his new location, Walnut Avenue. By happenstance it is the same office that I see my psychiatrist at, and where I saw my former therapist, Ted, for 15 years. This occurrence, in tandem with the Fall weather, has me nostalgic.

I suppose the start of the school year in conjunction with Halloween reminds me of the fourth of my life that was childhood. And despite the things I discuss with Vinnie, my childhood in a small town was truly privileged. It was the perfect small town at the perfect time. The time is gone, and the small town isn't small anymore, but a miniature version lives on in my head forever. I am always riding a bicycle, the evenings are cool, and it is always near Halloween.

I can bike from one end of the small town to the other, and there is no house where I do not know someone. And I suppose, in a way, that is why I enjoy Roanoke so much. I have now lived the majority of my life here, and know from friends of friends, and different causes, pretty much everyone here. Everywhere I go, I know someone who knows catch my drift.

And I hate to leave you in the midst of my musings, but it is someone's birthday, after all.

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