Friday, September 28, 2012

There Be Dragons...

Ok. Ok. So the writing of the blog at night didn't work out. The fact is, I am always awake in the morning but may be less so at night...Most of the time after 8 PM, I want to lay prone and concentrate on how good my feet feel when I am not standing on them.

Plus, it's the gathering of the tribe time. Both cats and the dog have free reign on the bed after 8 PM. I mean, they are welcome there all the time. They just all refuse to cuddle up together until the referee (that's me) is working. And this referee can't strike. She is a slave, not a paid employee.

I'm not going to write anymore about politics, mainly because in this stage of the game, it's a big bore. I just wonder what people will post about after the election. They will probably go back to posts about cute kittens announcing it's Friday (guilty), and peace, love and harmony setting the stage for a perfect world. Although I did like the Facebook post about the discovery of a tiny dragon (no kidding!) in Indonesia in 2009. With pics.

We have massive media networks, and the most important discovery of the natural world since Darwin's Theory is kept under raps for 3 years!?! WTF? That's like saying we discovered elves living in the Amazon and not publishing it. Just think of all the poor gamers, fantasy-world freaks (myself included), and members of the Society for Creative Anachronism out there, who have been waiting for something like this to happen since Tolkien first took pen in hand in World War I. It's just cruel, I tell you. Cruel.

 Everyone will want one. I do. I want one genetically engineered to look like the Welsh Green from Harry Potter movies. And if I have 'lost' any faithful readers by now, don't worry. Sometimes, probably once a year, I live in the real world. But now, we have sighted dragon, and it is the real world...don't bust my bubble.

And, if there is any justice in the world, it will turn out that they eat stinkbugs...

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