Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's always heartening to start the day by hearing, "Up, bitch?" but it's par for the course for Vapid. And the truth is, she is saying it from another room because she can't say it to my face.

Other than that, it looks as if it will be a beautiful Saturday, and I hope you enjoy yours.

It's already time to think about pawing through the winter clothes. Do you pack yours up in the Spring, like I do? I have so many clothes, in total, that I have to. And guessing about the delicate moment when the seasons change and will not look back can be an exercise in futility. I always end up being cold in the Fall and warm in the Spring, but I can't figure any way out of it, than to pare the clothes down to the point of being absolutely naked year round...

We are all frightened once again as the Middle East heats up. France is preemptively closing 20 of it's embassies in various countries in anticipation of backlash from a comic strip depicting Muhammad. We truly cannot afford another war(s), either in those lost or killed or financially; which I know, is a shitty way to look at anything, but is sometimes necessary in this material world. The headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia, the group responsible for  the attack on the American embassy in Libya, has been routed by thousands of Pro-American protestors and government forces in Benghazi. Of course.

One thing I noticed about living overseas, is that our news media is so very U.S. centered. We hear almost no news from Europe, much less about the countries farther East. There is no replacement for exposure to the world. When seen from overseas, the U.S. and it's 'problems' seem so small. It is a bit like what the astronauts express about seeing the Earth from outer space. And we base our actions on the small sound-bytes that we get...and off to war we go.  That fact is much more frightening than anything happening in the Middle East.

And, if you are wondering where I am going with all of this...I don't know. I just realize all day long what a tiny speck I am in this tiny speck of this town, in this tiny country, on this tiny planet. Scientists say that the polar ice caps will melt completely during the summer in four years. To me, that is much more frightening than anything any group of people can do: it is all of humankind working for our demise. Such thoughts keep me from thinking I am so odd, after all.

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