Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just Today

The zinnia have all fallen over, they are so tall, but continue to bloom beautifully. Pink, deeper pink, lighter pink, red, orange and faintly cream colored, they are there at the start of every day and they are there at the ending, as well.

It is cooler in the mist of the mornings in this small corner of the world, and the cats hesitate before going out. It's all to the good because I don't want to face their outrage on the day that I don't open their window at all. I have seen Canadian Geese migrating already and hope we have a cold winter.

Spaz is sitting at my feet. He has been out this morning. It's unusual for him to go out before 8 AM, but he refused to go out most of yesterday, because of the rain. For a rescue dog, he can be mighty picky at times.

Today, I am not so strident and it feels good. I love this weather and want to be low-key enough to enjoy it. Things are settling out and we are looking toward the kindly stepfather's birthday this Friday. He doesn't want anything, even a cake, much less a party. So I am planning a party and had Good Neighbor make one of her specialty cakes, and bought his present 2 weeks ago.

A very ephemeral part of my job is to make his life more interesting. So I bring the world to him as much as I can, to busy his mind. I have brought as many of my friends as I can here, smuggling them past Vapid, and he loves to entertain any religious person who knocks on his door. Of course, Sunbunny visits most often and her presence is a joy to us both. We sit in his room and talk and laugh until the walls shake.

I hope the day stays cool and cloudy; I like a certain gloominess leading up to Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. January and February is when I want crystal clear days, with a cold wind. When I walk then, I love to smell the cold and the scent of leaves and bark underfoot. And pine was invented to be smelled in the winter...

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