Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good Mornings

I have smelled the zinnia this morning, and the coffee, and it looks to be a particularly fine day. The spaz dog is outside, after some roughhousing, and the cats are inside, looking out. Why, I do not know. I keep telling them that they will have enough looking-out days in the winter. But perhaps they have declared a moratorium on the hunting of unicorns, because every creature should enjoy this fine weather.

Today is a day for mowing the lawn, cleaning my apartment (as I like to call the defuzzing), and maybe checking out the Greek Festival in our small corner of the world. I have tended to the kindly stepfather this morning, and Vapid is nowhere in sight, although her cats sneak up to me in the kitchen and beg for love. I always oblige them...I can't help it; they are so handsome.

With the Good Neighbor, I will also be making the kindly stepfather's birthday cake this weekend. She is the penultimate baker and we are planning a lemon cake. With her help, it is sure to be a success, and people far and wide will come to sample the cake.

I feel normal again today, with lots of energy and it is an odd sensation. I am hanging on to normalcy as long as I can. Although I would be a bit more laid back, if I could. But "Beggers can't be choosers", as the saying goes, and I will take what comes my way.

I would chime in on what I think of the coming presidential race and the protest going on in the Middle East, but that's not what this blog is about. It is for the silent and unsilent millions who suffer from mental is for my friend who cut herself the other day and is living in agony that she did not ask for. It is for those who cannot get out of bed today, or any day, and for those who are victimized because of their disorders. It is for the highest and the lowest of those who remain untreated because of our sad lack of knowledge of what propels the human brain.

It's time to face the zinnia again...and I hope you can face your zinnia today.

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  1. I was told that I take what people say, how they say it, and the events that happen and magnify it 4x what a normal person might. Taking everything to heart. At least I know this now and can prevent people from walking all over me. Hypersensitive? Maybe.