Saturday, September 21, 2013


This is Silverlock

And the wee beastie she has come to live with, called Max.

The unicorn meat eating cats are mostly inside this morning. The bear has opened the trashcan and gotten to the old strawberries I put in it.

Silverlock has come to live with us for a short time, until she has gotten used to dogs, other cats, and people, who generally turn her upside down to make sure that she, is indeed, a she. If you like her name, you should read the novel by John Myers Myers, Silverlock. It's a fascinating read, a bard's journey in the Commonwealth of Letters, and it features many historical legends, myths, and stories. That said, it is a good book, and was re-printed in the '60's, so you have a good chance of finding it at your local bookstore, library, or whatever.

A call to my shrink yesterday, confirmed the horrible feelings that I was having, as a symptom of the withdrawal of abilify. I came off of the abilify incorrectly. Instead of lowering the dosage day by day, I just quit cold turkey, which is a big no-no. So the shrink had to call another prescription in to cover the precipitous lack of abilify. And the whole point is, that I know my psychiatrist told me to titre (withdraw slowly) off of the abilify, I just didn't remember that he told me that.

Anyway, Silverlock has very blue eyes but is not deaf in any way. That is a recessive gene as well, but doesn't affect her. Of course, the unicorn meat eating cats are pissed off at me. The do not like competition for their delicate diet in any way. What if the Schwann's truck is late one day? What will we do then? I suspect their answer is: eat Mummy. Or the dog.

And the bear scares off any live unicorns headed this way, back from their summer pasturage.

So, all in all, this dawn is vastly more lovely than yesterday's. As each dawn is.

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