Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wait 5 Minutes

Max is resting comfortably by my feet, as always. Corgis really win in the faithfulness category; no wonder Queen Elizabeth has a lot of them. Someone to love her despite Charles' questionable taste in second wives...

The cats are staying in today, they just don't know it yet.

Either way, I am surrounded by their love this morning. And when Beth and Bubba came to visit, they thoughtfully bought me my favorite gourmet coffee, Tanzania. Every morning, as I am imbibing, I am sharing a special cup with them.

And peaches are in, don't forget the peaches. It truly is a special time of year when peaches come into harvest...they taste what a zinnia looks like.

One of my favorite subjects: Curiosity has landed on Mars. Good for Humanity! It gives me hope somehow that everything might turn out alright, when we have such dreamers and doers in our midst. Despite all evidence to the contrary, we may yet survive.

As you may be able to tell, I am clinging to my anti-depressant with all I've got. It's just the order of things, up, down, up, down. At least I have been resting the last two nights. And I'm not drinking, that always helps for those of my ilk. Otherwise I would be toasted at this hour and thinking about passing out. Which can be fun, but is very, very boring for those on the outside of it.

Although sleeping well, that is, not being manic, has its downside. I don't get much twilight time with you and my garden. And I don't feel particularly creative or brilliant. Not even a dull sparkle. But rather something moving in the mud, waiting to be born, alone and unattended by the gardener.

I might blog later today...cheers!

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