Thursday, August 16, 2012


It's too early for the unicorn meat eating cats to hunt, and the wrong phase of the moon. Max hasn't had anymore seizures, and I feel ok. That's the start of a very good day. Let's hope it stays that way.

Everything is ok at this time of the morning; it's the benefit of getting up now. No one else is awake. It's when the sun comes up that my troubles start. And, although that might sound overly cynical, it works out to be true every single morning. Today is a Thursday without a therapy session; Vinnie is on vacation. I'll just have to vent my spleen here.

But at this hour, as I have said, I don't have that much spleen to vent. Which I am very grateful for.

Later: Sorry, folks, even I had to go back to bed at that hour. Instead of chasing unicorns, the cats are SUNNING. I'm not sure the last time the little one, Minkins, got to go outside when there is daylight out there. I hope he doesn't go blind...

The big cat, Rat-faced Bastard, or Rattie for short, is wandering in and out. He gets to go out in the sunlight, so he is unimpressed with this unusual time. He just wants food.

I have a small fear of not having a therapy session today, but even they have to take vacations, I suppose. I have my favorite AA meeting later on this afternoon, so that will be tranquil.

So this is just Thursday. Until tomorrow. 

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