Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quo Vadis?

The next four days are packed full of excitement for me...therapy, haircut, AA meetings; my life is a whirlwind. And so last night, when I told him of my plans, the kindly stepfather pouted. All that means to him is one there to listen or care or know if he decides to go outside or clean or eat. This is a very active man stuck in a chair for most of the hours of the day. I can only keep up with him when I am manic. And he doesn't understand all the other parts of bipolar: sleep.

I mean, going to a discussion of the Arts on Sunday, I don't know how I got into this dissolute life, but really!

I missed the Olympics last night, but got to bed at 9 AM and woke at 3 AM. I am still living my manic schedule in the hopes that the mania will be tempted, and come back. Tempting the Muse, as it were...

The blood work for Maxipad came back, and he is perfect, except that he has seizures. My vibrant, vigorous rescue has epilepsy. Which matters not a bit to me. He can accidentally pee on anything he wants and I will still love him wildly. I am turning into a human being after all...

The Fall of the year is coming quickly. I am sucking up all the summer I can to get me through a winter with no booze to make things interesting. The banana peppers did well this year, and the zinnia and the lavender and tomatoes. Fall used to remind me of the start of the school year. Now, it reminds me of a day in a special coffee shop, with the lemony light falling in through the windows, and the scent of cake and coffee surrounding me...

I have visits with friends to look forward to. All of my best friends are teachers and I am visiting with them all in turn before our life changes with the arrival of students. I always think there is something freudian about my choice of friends. In what part of my childhood did I pick up an attraction for those who teach? Not that I am complaining, but my life becomes very circumspect at this time of year. I need to branch out...

Until tomorrow. 


  1. Teachers are very accepting of people in any shape, color, or psychosis. Teachers are lifelong learners with varying interests, which makes them fun to hang around. They are doers, thinkers, and problem solvers.

  2. Yeah--what your friend Amanda says! :)
    This teacher is NOT ready for the new school year. Just sayin!