Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Leaves

It IS fall. I know the heat beats down and I sweat and swim, but the sounds are different. I have to make plans for the winter, the zinnia won't last forever. And soon, my backyard will be full of unicorns. I won't be able to let the cats out to chase them.

I can't drink myself through the winter like I did last time. Drinking heavily is a time waster, but eventually the heaves make it less worth while. Smoking and drinking coffee are an alternative, but coffee consumption and cabin fever are not a good combo. If I eat my way through the winter, I won't be able to fit through the doorway come spring...and on and on.

I am happier this morning with my mental status. I have gotten enormous amounts of sleep and I no longer feel a bit dead. And yes, feeling a bit dead is worse than feeling all dead. Fall is happening as we speak, in this small corner of the world, and I am unreasonably happy. For me. Today. But who knows what the day will bring?

No therapist Vinnie this week, he's on vacation, so one of my anchors is gone. And, as I have noted before, all my teacher friends have gone back to school. But I believe I can coast on the yoga classes, Facebook, and the difference in the air.

I feel as if Summer has definitely spoken, and I am listening for a quieter voice. It's time to go listen to the cicadas...

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