Monday, August 6, 2012


The unicorn meat eating cats are out hunting...I thought I heard a neigh in the distance about 3 AM, but I wasn't ready to release them, so they lost out on that one. The dog, Max, is having seizures, so he goes to the vet today.

I woke up Saturday morning as he was peeing on me, huddled under the covers, where he was trying to hide from his affliction. It brought to mind a host of afflictions he could be suffering from. And for the very first time since my beloved service animal Eddie died, I realized I loved another dog.

I have had this corgi mix for about a year and a half, and, of course he is cute and amuses me. He was a rescue that a friend thought would be perfect for me. It was too soon after Eddie's passing though. I tolerated him, and he slowly learned to trust me. That's what touched me the most. It was pathetic watching him distrust the human in his life, he had been abused at some point, certainly.

Now he sleeps and breathes me; he is protective of his owner and tolerates my mood swings. He is used to running all day or sleeping all day, whatever I choose. So when I realized he could die, I also realized I don't want another dog. I love him. Wish us luck.

Update later.

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