Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Tick Tock of the Carriage Clock

defines mortal Time. Especially in the morning hours, before the sun has risen, but after the cats have gone out. The cats hunt unicorns in the pre-dawn era, before the world stirs. You know, that NPR time of day, when the coffee tastes best, and water is again delicious.

But now it is daylight, the clock chiming for food. I have some zinnia, pink, different pink, deeper pink, and yellow and orange. They came up, just as I realized I am not going to have an easy summer with the squash...I have had only one, although the blossoms are worth the wait. But the blossoms are reabsorbed, and another blossom takes it's place, to fade in it's turn. Rather like all mortal promises...

The Pond has turned into a pool filled with water the color of turquoise. No plants remain, no algae, no leaves, just the sound of the pump and an artificial construct of those who don't like sharks or frogs. It attracts birds and insects, and the insects drink to their peril, sometimes being overwhelmed by the water on their wings or the chemicals.

I put out chemical free water for them and the birds, and the neighbor animals, in this heat. The grass is crispy to the foot, which is not much of a concern, as I am not a 'lawn person'. But the tomato plants have stopped humming from lack of rain and I miss the sound in the mornings.

The heat is gone for a while, but the best way to stay cool is to watch the deer slowly grazing nearby and to listen to the clock in a twilight room.