Monday, July 23, 2012

Tree Songs

I feel centered today, and less inclined to evil. Let's hope you do, too. Even if it is a Monday. The unicorn meat eating cats are amazed, and not amused, by how late I slept...

I was cleaning the pool yesterday, and the leaves and the temperature reminded me how fast July is passing. Fall will, incredibly, be here soon. And my mind is separate today, by life, like leaves falling into the pool.

I pulled up the squash plants yesterday. It was the bugs that got them. On the other hand, the zinnia and tomatoes are doing well, and I am happy in them. We had one tiny cucumber. It is indescribably sweet to wander outside and pick something and eat it. Do you feel that, too?

My friend in the hospital, Mike, is still hooked up to I.V.'s and got whiny on me yesterday, so I haven't talked to him today. He usually likes getting really potted and calling me at 3 AM. And, while I am usually awake at that hour, it is an hour dedicated to you and I, and I don't like being disturbed, except on my laptop.

But the whinyness. Alcoholism is a particularly selfish disease, that deludes it's victims into thinking they are hurting no one but themselves. And, while whining isn't much of a hurt, still, it's selfish to think I want to hear it. And he's bored. Well.

Have you ever stood on the roots of a tree and heard the tree sing? It's one of my favorite things to do. And that is what I am caught doing this morning...just singing of the things that are passing me by, and looking toward Fall and Spring, the resting and the renewal.