Thursday, July 19, 2012

So We'll Go No More a Roving, By the Light of the Moon*

Except he will. I saved a kitten-sized, baby bunny this morning by the light of the moon. The unicorn meat eating cats are near-sighted and sometimes bring down something a little less prosaic, like a rabbit. They have this catch and release program that whatever critter they catch must be released back into the wilds of my small apartment.

What amazes me, is the little critter let me pick him up. He was perfect, and I wiped the cobwebs and cat hair from his face. He didn't struggle or bite; he just rested in the curled circle of my hand. I walked to the edge of the forest and put him on the ground. He froze a moment, this tiny particle from my Higher Power. 

Again, I am touched by wonder. There have been many miracles in my life, to accompany horrendous trials. My life has not been easy. But I am profoundly grateful that Something feels the need to show me that I am not facing Life alone.

In another age, I would have been happy with this 'breakfast in bed' habit of the cats. But I am happy to eat yogurt and let the cuter animals go free, as if by whim.

My wish is that you are touched by wonder today, and that you explore it. Under the moonlight exists magic, and I hope you are up now, and enjoying the almost dawn.

So we'll go no more a' roving,
by the light of the moon.
Though the night was made for loving,
and the day returns too soon. *

*Lord Byron