Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer to Come

It's writing time again...I was having coffee with a friend last night, in a tremendous storm, and having the time of my life. Just to let you know I can have a good time...which some of my fans doubt.

I cleaned the pool again yesterday, and looked for my frog friends. I didn't see them, but last night, when closing up, I heard them. I was relieved. I wish destruction on no creature. Except some insects. And since I live in Insect Central, the Southern part of the U.S., it's more of a wishful fantasy than anything else.

I have been thinking, way too early, of the lemony quality of fall. Sweet, sour, and filled with memories of a coffee house, and the light streaming in the windows, enveloped by the scent of cakes and the cup in front of me.

But it's summer, and if I am to practice mindfulness, I must yank my imagination and memories out of autumn storage, and into the hottest time of the year. We are just starting to get the heat of a summer that some say will be fierce, as predicted by the mild winter that we had.

I like playing with water, and the only drawback to cleaning a pool full of leaves and algae, is that someone as short as I am must GET IN the pool to clean it. I have 'fished' things out, not knowing, and not wanting to know, what they are. On the other hand, I have pretty much figured out which smart ass tree is donating it's leaves to what I call the Pond. I'm just lucky the deer don't come up to drink out of it. The skunk scent probably keeps them out of the area.

Woofstock, a dog festival, is coming to Roanoke this Saturday, at Elmwood Park. I am contemplating taking The Dog. I wonder if they will have face tattoos for the puppies? Or me, for that matter?

I am constantly reminded how much my brother liked going to Scotland. He now has the Scottish lion tattooed on his calf and has acquired a Highland bull. He truly is a pasture ornament, nevermind the 4 Paint horses my brother has, who cannot be ridden. He had the bull castrated, because of his aggressive nature. He cannot breed, or eat, this critter. It just hangs out in the pasture and looks cool under the Scottish flag waving from his flag pole, and eats. Maybe he should have had more children. He likes feeding critters.

Practice mindfulness where you are, along with me. It is no more than not thinking about anything but that moment, or what is right in front of you. Of course, if you are at work, don't practice mindfulness, but dream of the summer to come, and the first time you swam in a pond...