Monday, May 28, 2012

Frog Legs

I have discovered a frog population of 2, whilst cleaning the above ground pool. I went to 'Nature Camp' when I was a child and love amphibians. That being said, these frogs have, as frogs will, become the color of the pool walls to camouflage themselves. The color is an odd, icky blue-green. Frogs from space color. Warning! Will Robinson color.

It is almost watermelon time in the South of the U.S. I say almost because I got one yesterday that is almost, but not quite, ripe. Still edible, considering how long it has been since the last one, but not worthy of much song.

I have moved the unicorn-meat eating cats' food to a neutral position. That is, not on the table I eat on, and not where the dog can get at it. It is now perched on the Hope Chest, which I think is very symbolic. Did I tell you that cats won't eat frogs? Mine won't and I don't know why. They eat bugs and mice, after all. Why should an amphibian not be worth a taste? It's got to be the texture.

My mother, after all, ate frog legs in her childhood and they, on the whole, are a very deluxe item in some countries. I don't have the slightest desire, to be frank, and so these will go free after a quick trip over the railing and some experience with swimming children, who can be quite dangerous in the wild.