Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stick With Love

What does a person do when they are bullied? I am walking away...I am not bullying back, or talking about you behind your back. You just don't exist anymore.

If you read my blog to get and disseminate information about me, so that you can run your mouth elsewhere...stop reading.

If you read my blog to make my life harder...stop.

If you take advantage of the mentally ill, cause that's just your schtick...don't. And don't expect me to help you. Or fall for that crap. Or keep my mouth closed.

I don't know how many times, as a person with known MI's, (Mental Illnesses) I have had my mouth hang open at the atrocious things that the mentally ill are subject to: bullying, harassment, scorn. I had a sponsor in a 12 Step group invite my rapist to "hear my story" so I could "put the past behind me now." He heckled me through my talk. I have had a friend's ex steal my grandmother's engagement ring. The last minister at my church gave a detailed account of all my mental illnesses to the congregation, betraying my confidence, because I wanted to bring my service dog to worship services. I was assaulted on a job, and then been fired, to cover it up. That last one could have actually happened to anyone.

I don't feel singled out: the headlines today proclaimed that the mentally ill are frequently beaten at Riker's Island: New York City's repository for the unwanted. It's a phenomenon that has been building steam since Reagan stopped funding for mental health institutions.

And, like Henry VIII shutting down the monasteries to grab some cash and a hot babe (Anne Boleyn), there is no place for the weary to rest.

That is why I write this blog in particular...as a voice for those who, increasingly, have no voice...those with invisible disabilities...

I don't like Haters, and will not be in their company.

And if you think this all applies to you, try to get a life...

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