Thursday, July 31, 2014

Old Lamps for New

Is about how I feel this morning, after losing a therapist. But I meet a new one next week, so wish me luck!

The temperatures are lovely this week, in the 70'sF range. The clouds sail across a silver sky, even in the day time. I have been gathering cat fur off of the floor, enough to make a small cat by itself. Who knew cats could shed more than a dog?

Max, the dog, leaps out of bed each morning, and barrels toward the door. Sometimes, he lets me drink some coffee before he insists on going out. Sometimes, not. He's not selfish. Just has to pee. The unicorn meat eating cats linger around the outside door, peeping out for their first year with no access to the outdoors. It puzzles them, that they cannot go out. But they have made no fuss about it...the apartment has plenty of room for their territories.

I make plans with my brother, to go kayaking next week. He is looking for a job, and my niece is not in school. I want to be dumped in the water, before the snow sets in. My father was born and raised in the desert Southwest. As a consequence, we spent most of our childhood on the water. Canoes were a favorite of Dad's.

Anyway, my brother is a carpenter, minor electrician, and amazing photographer...let me know if you know of anything...

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