Friday, July 18, 2014

Back to the Forest

It's cool and peaceful this morning, an oasis in this hottest of years. The old, polished wood of my living room chairs gleams at me, and the Christmas tree lights are a spot of color in the day.

Big news looms on the headlines...Russia and Gaza dominate. But this is a blog for the little things.

I pick up trash as I walk my dog. I have always done that. First, with Eddie Spirit Dog, my service animal along the banks of Tinker Creek, and now with Max the Clown, on the streets of Roanoke. After the walks, always, I like to look behind me, along the path we have walked, to enjoy it's pristine newness.

When I take Max to the park, sometimes he gets to meet other dogs, and I get to walk the field that I love. The Field and the Forest are still with me.

And, as I look around the field this morning, I am struck by the colors of Summer: green and gold. Ahead, in the forest, beautiful pines and maples wait...Here, in the City, there are also Crepe Myrtles. The pink ones are showy, and the red ones, dark. But I love the white ones, and the curling of the bark, along their slender limbs...

Time to clean.

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