Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rock, Paper, Scissors

As you can tell, if you are a regular reader, I am in full blown mania. The energy and creativity are wonderful, but no sleep in 3 days is never good.

But I am going to leave the infighting in AA out of it. The innocent don't deserve it, and I don't want to give AA a bad name for those of you who need help. Almost all of the people I have met in AA are great: don't get me wrong. But there are predators, and sickos in meetings, just as there are in the real, live world. Be careful out there, my Beloveds. Stay Safe. The Universe loves You.

Back to the ever-evolving world of mania: Max has gotten his walk, although it's too hot for it. I love having Hispanic neighbors...they make the Summer a round of light and bright colors...even in their gardens.

My neighbors has her deck decorated in lime green chairs, with wood tables, and tall, green, indoor trees. She doesn't like the 'hot' colors outside, leaving that for her kitchen. The breeze always blows through her kitchen, and friends and neighbors stop by for some cool tea or fruit juice.

My nordic tastes run to fire-engine-red, rocking chairs, blood-colored impatiens, and white begonias. But, I am learning. Her patio looks that much cooler than mine.

And, for those of you in close contact with me everyday: Forgive me, please.

It is the downside of invisible disabilities, that we need a strong support network to survive. I don't know how I have lucked out, but mine is unusually educated: I am drawn to teachers as friends. But, it can be incredibly brutal on them.

So, I second-guess myself, and don't call for support until I have exhausted all other possibilities. My support network is human, too. Each one of them can only help me so much. I have to let the professionals take the brunt of the damage.

And the professionals can't do it all, with mental health funding in it's present state. I am sure Rep. Deeds had much more help in mind, when he proposed his bill, following the death of his son. But the only change I can see, is that it is now easier to confine someone who has invisible disabilities. Freeing up beds in institutions is a step in the right direction, but education would do more.

I would like to see less stigma, and more practical help for those who need help.

But this is Today. I only have it. And You.

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