Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Color My World

It's a big transition for me this week, and things are looking up.

The loss of my cat, Minkins, and a terrible house fire just 2 weeks ago had me wobbling in my orbit a bit. But with the right people in my life, I am making a comeback. I am grateful for new people, and a new coloring book in my life.

Don't laugh about the coloring's a dialectical behavioral therapy trick: Color yourself into living at just that single moment. Let your world reduce itself to a quiet, cool room and a bag of crayons, or coloring pencils and some simple pictures to color. Life is so much simpler that way.

And I am avid to simplify right now.

The man I love is recovering from cancer. Every moment with him is lovely.

It's been a difficult year on the whole. I was assaulted by muggers in January, and was just starting to deal with that. But with my losses recently, I am forced to take care of myself aggressively, now. It helps to have friends to lean on.

I love you all.

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