Monday, July 21, 2014

Cool Days

Max loves his morning walks now, the air is misty and cool. No hot sun shines on the back of my neck, no sweat trickles down my head. No waves of steam come off of the ground, to hit Max in the belly.  The grass breathes, today.

Sometimes I can barely collect my thoughts, even around the man I love, who loves me. And sometimes, just sometimes, time in the garden is not enough...

Isolation is bad for me, so I go out on this loveliest of days to do what I can.

I have placed a statue of the head of Buddha in the garden...I don't know why, but it seems very whimsical to me. I would prefer a statue of St. Francis, but none was available at the yard sale I visited. So Buddha will have to do.

The unicorn meat eating cats crawl all over me when I come home. They are happy to write their own blog, under assumed names of course. Life with me, is a trial.

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