Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It's Virginia, and it has, once again, become warm enough to open the window in the morning, for the cats. Silverlock, the kitten, has become old enough to try to jump out of the cat's window; I just had the scare of the century when she pried herself up, and looked around at the natural world for the first time. There is nothing like vigorously yelling, "NO!" at the top of my lungs to get my blood moving.

I don't feel good anyway, and I have a full day ahead. But it's rainy, and warm, and I love the rain. It will be good to get out in it.

Here is the demon spawn child.
In one of her more relaxed moments. Now I understand why Mom gave my brother and I spoonfuls of whiskey and honey when we were sick. It was just an excuse to slow us down for a bit.

The bear still makes her regular visits. Hopefully, she will hibernate soon.

With the warm, moist air, it has gone back to being a typical Fall, for this small corner of the world. The grass is now green and gold, and the fields at the Old House are all gold now. Only the pump handle and the pitchfork are a muted red, against the darker rust of the side of the barn.

I wish this entry was longer, but I truly feel pretty horrible and have a long day ahead. I will write again tomorrow. Please meet me here...

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