Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lack of Focus

Now that it's later in the morning, I have had enough of a day to report on it. The bear broke into the trash again last night. The cats insanely jump in and out of the window, staying close by. Max, the dog, won't go out unless it is broad daylight.

I wish no harm to the bear. It's his/her Blue Ridge Mountains, too. I lived in the country for a very long time for a reason: I appreciate nature, in all Her manifestations. I am just worried about the animals entrusted into my care...

Silverlock is up for adoption in two weeks. My baby.
Whoever adopts her better treat her right, or Momma and Max will go after them...

Dooley is still up for adoption as well. Poor thing is not getting enough attention at my house, and he is a lovely cat, although there is a lot of him to love.
The dahlias are doing wonderfully. I didn't know they were a cool weather flower, having never grown them before. The marigolds hang on, and the impatiens have over run their bed to sprout from the gravel walk.

It's time to pull the fall clothes out. I am tired of the summer selection, and would like to change color schemes as well. I think that's enough for today. There is too much that goes on, at this time of day to write contemplatively about anything. Just my lack of focus.

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