Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bears Eat Pumpkins

The year runs like a river, down to the sea.

I still open the window, in the morning, for the cats. The bear and the full moon make a lovely pair, in the evening. It's a bit like living in a campground. The grass is more gold, every day, and the birds still sing. I watch the orange tabby, Ratty, run past the marigolds, that are as fall like as he. The rusted cat shaped chimes hang year round, and drift with the wind.

Silverlock, the winter kitten, wants to follow the big cats outside. But her coat and size can mark her for a predator, and I hope she will be indoor kitten all her life.
It is horse riding time in the year, and time to drink. I did both long ago. I can't do either anymore, but I miss the horses on a fall day. I could lean against them to absorb their heat, on a frosty morning, and the stable smelled like hay, and sweet grain.

Dooley is ready for adoption. He went to the vet yesterday for a checkup, and he is healthy, although 4 lbs overweight. Apparently, he is just a massive cat.
You can't tell from his picture, but his feet are almost Max's size.

I have been sleeping solidly from 11 to 7, and it feels wonderful. I don't know what I have done to earn the blessing of sleep, but I am grateful for it. I will be an outdoor cat today, and the sun will shine, and the air will be crisp.

The leaves on the trees will turn a bit more, and the sun will set a bit earlier. And tonight, Max and I will go out to look at the moon, and watch for the bear, and think of Halloween.

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