Monday, October 28, 2013


It is officially too cold to open the cat's window anymore. They suffer, especially since Silverlock follows them around like a fart. All the flowers are gone, after yesterday morning's hard frost. The garden is done for this year. I have a basket of dried zinnias to plant next spring. And the lavender still blooms, being an evergreen...

The trees rapidly change colors, but the maple in the back yard is still green. With the frost, it will not be long before it changes, as well. The bear still visits us by moonlight. I just hope she doesn't come back with cubs in the spring, but moves on to greener pastures.

Bears aren't stupid. I have seen them crack Coleman coolers open, over a rock like opening an oyster, to get to the food inside. Our neighbor took bungee cords and secured our plastic trashcans. I unsecured them. I like my trashcan to work, and don't want it destroyed for the goodies inside.

I am good on my medications, and take them faithfully. I don't want to cut or drink, although the sunlight is brighter but shorter now. I am getting over pleurisy, with bronchitis.

I am happy that this week is Halloween. I take a child's delight in the wind, and the shuffling leaves underfoot. But I heard this morning of another lost fern kitten. She was 6 months old, and named Seafoam...euthanized at the local Regional Center for Animal Control. There is nothing to do in this year that the kitten litters did not end, but take up what tools we have, and try harder to save more.

Please adopt, spay/neuter.

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