Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Is it really hot fun? Yes, of course. The all-day, hot days are upon us. It's not so bad in the morning, but by afternoon, the humidity makes it seem like Max and I are swimming through the heat. His new, favorite place to sleep is the hallway, where his fat, Corgi body is hit by the air currents from several fans.

The unicorn meat eating cats have their own fan, in the sun room. It gets hot in there, but they love it all the same. Max and I prefer it cooler.

Several friends are on vacation right now, so here's a shout out to Australia; the Land of Oz.

The summer tomatoes aren't in yet, but I am determined to make macaroni salad, out of the vine-ripened tomatoes sold at the local grocery store. I have a cucumber, and some celery for it, and I like a touch of garlic with mine. Lots of veggies, and a minimum of mayo, make it perfect.

That, eaten while watching a Harry Potter movie, is the best way to spend a summer's day...

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