Thursday, June 12, 2014


I am so glad to be writing again, that I cannot express myself properly. I missed you!!!

It is cool and rainy today, and my windows are open to the sounds of traffic and the rain together. The unicorn meat eating cats sniff below the window, at the air being sucked inside by the fan. They can smell Summer...

Max is adjusting to his seizure medicine, and I am adjusting to mine. The nightmares are going away.

This morning Max and I ran into 2 squirrels who seemed to be on a first name basis: they were chasing each other around the church parking lot. After spotting Max, one ran for it, and one tried to run up the side of the church, but fell. He landed softly on some bushes and took off. The other squirrel ran in the opposite direction. I only hope that they can reconnect after the fright they have had. I worry about things like that.

I am reconnecting with the summers of my youth. We did not grow up with central air conditioning, and I have an apartment with no central air. The stickiness of a summer evening is not exactly a fond memory, but at least I have a window unit and some fans. Which is more than some folks have. I have donated electric fans to the LOA (League for Older Americans) before, and I suggest it is something easy to do for the elderly. Box fans are on sale right now at Family Dollar for $17, and it is sometimes the gift of life to others. For those of you so inclined, local animal shelters can often use fans, as well.

I will be trying to pick up my blog again, and if you feel so inclined, please join me here tomorrow.

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