Wednesday, June 18, 2014


He was a small handful when I first got him. His mother died shortly after giving birth, and he had to be fed with a hand dropper.

He was Eddie's favorite cat of all time. Eddie was my service animal, a black lab. And when the kittens opened their eyes, they imprinted on Eddie. Minkins and his sister, Echo, whom I lost 2 years ago, were an enormous comfort to me. 

He liked filling my mouth with his fur, bumping his head against my face, when I tried to sleep. He would cuddle in my arms, or hide behind the pillow to nap. He had a favorite chair, and that's the last place I saw him sleeping. I tousled his head and pulled gently on his ears. 

He is a Spirit Cat now, and I will bury him with some of Eddie's ashes in a shady corner of the yard of the man I love.

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  1. See him in your dreams....a lovely tribute you gave your friend