Saturday, June 21, 2014


Books for sale: a lovely couple of my acquaintance has made the request of a baby book inscribed with a note from the giver, in lieu of cards at their baby shower...

By now, I should be used to people "unfriending me" on Facebook, but the sadness comes every time...

I still have my Christmas tree up, by the way. The man I love wants to get more seasonal decorations, and so I will make my way to a 'dollar store' today, and hit the kids' bookstore on the way back. Max has been up for about 2 hours now. I am manic, and can't sleep. I am still processing the physical assault back in January. And also, life is catching up with me.

But, as a friend has said, I am not planning on having a bad day today. It will be hot and windy, but with water and storms to keep it cooler. The grass and the ground need the water: the ground has gotten crispy to the touch. 

I miss the sound of Dark Star's voice: she is on vacation, with her husband, in Australia. I want to talk to her about Minkins, and how his fur was soft, and his head was regal, safe in the knowledge of my love for him.

I wish someone were up, so I could talk to them...

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