Monday, June 2, 2014

Not Your Average Monday

This valley is becoming hot again. My Hispanic neighbors have put a lovely set of green furniture on their porch; it is an oasis to the eye. The unicorn meat eating cats pester me to go outside. So I spread catnip in the kitchen, so they forget why they are heading for the door.

One hot cup of coffee in the morning will do me now. After that, I drink it iced. My apartment kitchen isn't cooled, so I do not cook much now. But, it is the time of year for salads, and yogurt and fruit.

I was walking Max in the Huff Lane Park, when I spotted an Army helmet and novel about war propped up against a tree. Who was it for? I don't know. But the silent memorials like that, always touch my heart.

I am happy with my "ready made family". The man who loves me has a 17 year old son who just graduated high school. He is headed for the local community college in the fall, and then a major university after that. So we went to the graduation ceremony Friday. The man I love cried during the ceremony, and I got to kiss the tears from his face. There is young hope in the world, after all.

This man I love is Army Strong, but as tender-hearted as a child. I still pinch myself when he tells me he loves me. Even my brother approves.

Enjoy this day, while you can. Do something for someone else, today. And for yourself.

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