Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rolling in Grass

Well, I cannot believe it has been an entire week, but I am recovering slowly from my cold. It is complicated by allergies. It is now Spring. I wake cold in the morning, and burn up during the day.

I woke up late this morning, very late. I thought that Max, the dog, was going to tunnel a hole in my face to be walked.

Despite the allergies, I long to roll in the grass, as I did as a child. The daffodils bloom, and the trees turn pink and white. The forsythia speculate and explode with yellow. We all wait for that 'last' snow storm, now that it is 80F.

The struggle to keep the unicorn meat eating cats inside, has begun. They have never spent any appreciable time indoors; I do not know how they will react. But there is no place outside this apartment that is safe for them. I have 3 large boxes that the man I love gave me, when I moved. I think of creating a cat wonderland of them. I wonder if latex paint will stick to cardboard?

The front room is slowly coming into shape as I begin to tackle the boxes that still crowd the room. Right now, it is a cat hang-out.

I am surrounded by the cats and dog at this moment. We all dream of the grass.

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