Monday, April 21, 2014

Another Monday

I love April. Trees and flowers spring up, and the sky is wild and moving. Max, the dog, is now on medication for his seizures.
He is neither happy nor unhappy about it...but it does make him rather 'dopey'. But it is Spring, and he has discovered bunnies in the yard of the man I love. Max and I counted 8 young rabbits yesterday. He makes this high pitched squeal when he sees them, and small barks come out of his mouth.

I have often wondered what breed he is. But one thing I know for sure, that he has some terrier, or hunting breed in him, beagle, basset hound, something. He was born to hunt. Not a terribly good match for a house full of cats, but we make it work.

I have enjoyed my birthday month. It is the prettiest month of the year, for one thing. And I was born then. I miss my Mother very much.

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