Monday, April 7, 2014

Rain on a Monday?

Perhaps some of you remember my foster, Autumn. Renamed Pancake, she is up for foster or adoption, along with 2 siblings-by-house: Bob and Princess.
She is one year old now, and even more beautiful. Bob and Princess pics will be posted tomorrow afternoon. They are all one year old, and their lovely Mother has to go to a nursing home. In her 50's, she has had a stroke, and cannot take her babies with her.

I had some nightmares about cats last night, a sure sign of stress for me. And, this week, I turn 50 years of age.

I don't look for trouble on my birthday, but I know enough about life to know that trouble appears when one least expects it. I sometimes tend to impose expectations on 'special' days, like my 50th birthday, of a faultless, spring day...complete with no worries, no troubles, no works for others...a fantasy. When life intrudes, I get stressed.

Last week, I called a friend to see if she was "mad at me." Most of the time, my friends aren't. It's just my paranoia. Of course, she was in the middle of a basement remake, so she was slightly annoyed at my persistence...

So, this week, my stressors are: a new foster or home for 3 lovely cats, the customary financial woes, new windshield wipers, sausage balls, and clearing of the front room. And it's Monday, and very, very rainy.

Last night, I went back on my mood stabilizer again. I'm crazy, not stupid.

See my post tomorrow for more pics of lovely cats...

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