Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014

Max, the dog, tells me I have woken too early this morning. It's a rainy, Spring morning. The unicorn meat eating cats run rampant through the apartment, and rearrange rugs, and sometimes, furniture.

I have a doctor appointment this morning, is what has woken me up. I wake to small, white flowers that grow between the cracks in the pavement, and bunches of violets by the road. There is a lilac tree in the courtyard of a church nearby. Max and I make sure we sniff it as we go by, every day. Max personally inspects the dogwood trees that bloom so rarely and delicately in these mountains, pink and white.

I have been having "hot flashes" for over a month, now. They overcome me at the grocery store, or while biting into a chocolate chip cookie, or while taking a shower, throwing a party, making a meal. When I have them, I picture our ancestors huddled around the fire, at wintertime. The older women must comprise the circle in the corner, away from the heat. Maybe hot flashes are a survival technique. Carrying one's heat source with one would be really convenient in a colder climate.

I treated myself for my birthday and bought some beautiful, but inexpensive, water glasses that the cats can fit their heads into. I have a lovely set of crystal, but alas, the cats cannot drink from them. It's a requirement for water glasses in this house that the cats must be able to drink from my glass...it's always better drinking Mom's water, right?

And, as always, it is a beautiful time of year to celebrate Earth day.

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