Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Newest Day

And yesterday was lovely. I struggle without some medications, but press on in the fight against my alcoholism by going to 2 or more meetings a day. It feels freeing, and the social aspects are good for me. I am busy all day, and enjoy both leaving home and coming back.

The sky is gray today, and leaden, but the trees in the distance are exclamations of the change in season to come. One year, to combat depression, I walked every single day. For me that year, Spring started in February. The days grew longer slowly during that month, and the winter was soft and warm that year.

The winter is colder this year, and my darkness is deeper, but I wake to the sun with excitement in this early Spring weather. I awake at my leisure, and go to sleep when I am tired. I eat well now, and enjoy the food. I am happy to see people, and happy to see my loving animals. I have a man I love, who loves me.

So don't give up, in this mid-Winter of the spirit. The days lengthen, and the windows pop open, and the breezes flow, and whisper in the trees in the distance.

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