Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Here Comes the Sun...

It is supposed to hit 63F today, and I simply wait for this miracle to happen. The unicorn meat eating cats circle the door to the outside; I will have trouble this Spring. They cannot go out at the apartment where I am now. I simply hope that some windows cracked open, and the window ledges satisfy them.

I still feel awkward blogging after the hiatus. I have come off of my anti-depressant on the advice of my shrink. I feel good today, and I am happy to take one less medication. I no longer feel psychotic, anxious, depressed, lonely, or withdrawn. To climb out of that pit is a joyful thing, and the world seems new. The dog is happier, too. He gets more walks and more attention.

Depression is not so bad for the cats; they simply circle me and lie down, but Max suffers when I go through a spell. For a while, the darkness outside was a tangible circle, circumscribing my life. I could not go out into it. The traffic next door, or that of my neighbors, was terrifying. Danger and men swirled through my dreams. But that storm has passed and I find myself looking forward to each day at a 12 Step meeting. I no longer take naps, I don't want to waste the day. Not that naps are a waste...I highly recommend them. It's just that I have taken my share of them for a while, and have little time during the day to focus on resting.

So now, I have my coffee while the dog sleeps next to me, and a cat climbs down my shoulder for some love...thinking of you.

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