Friday, November 8, 2013

Winter Cardinal

The winter wind moves in, like the flash of a cardinal from a brown bush, sudden and miraculous in its appearance. The winds from Canada are high in these mountains the last few days, the winds that I love, the winds that push the geese South for the winter. The cats have become existential today, traveling, like the natives of Australia, in their spirit bodies to wherever the fields are green.

They are god-like in their anger at me, the god-slave. I, who provide food and water, have neglected to reset the year so that it is warm for them to go out. Max, the dog, is philosophical about the whole thing. If I breath, he is ok.

I am in a relatively good place today. I take my medications faithfully, including the antibiotics, because the winter wind has moved into my lungs. This is the second course of antibiotics and is no more fun than the first...

The sun is brilliant today, and I must move out into it for a while, for my own sanity. Just to feel the rays on my face for a bit! How many cannot do that! But I had to talk to you a moment, from sheer loneliness for you...

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