Friday, November 22, 2013


The great thing about taking steroids is that when I am awake, I am really, really awake. Fortunately for me, I can also fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Don't know how I manage that one. Just sheer luck, as far as I can tell.

I didn't write a post yesterday because my power cord died on the laptop. One swift trip to Best Buy later, and I am up and running again. Happy times.

I hate Thanksgiving, and its feeling of excess, and exhorting Americans to be even more excessive on that day is a bit over the Roman Empire edge, in my opinion. Of course, I talk about the greedy stores that will now be open for Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving Day, itself.

It's not that Americans seem to be blinded by consumerism. But that's what the big chains want us to think. That we can't wait even one day, surrounded by family and friends, to shop.

Of course, the idea is larger profits, but the reasoning behind it is subtle. Americans don't need a day off to reflect on their bounty and loved ones, but must be prodded into spending what they have before they die.

In a few years, of course, stores will be open on Christmas Day. What better day to save on next year's savings by taking advantage of the post-holiday, no-holiday sales than Christmas Day itself?

It seems suitable that the word "selfie" a picture taken of oneself, is added to the dictionary this year. 

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