Thursday, August 29, 2013

September Bound Blues

Just something to listen to this morning. The unicorn meat eating cats got to go out about dawn. Max, my little spaz, sleeps soundly beside me. We have some heat in this small valley for this week, but nothing to worry about. Georgia kitty rests in my lap, and makes typing difficult. But that's par for the course since laptops and PCs came out. Cat are just fascinated.

I slept well last night, which is a feat for me. How did you sleep? Oh, and my friend wasn't angry with me...just so you can rest your mind. I have work to do today, and group went well yesterday. I have eaten already this morning, so I am curled on the bed, just listening to these Memphis Blues. The coffee is particularly good this morning, as is the water.

But poor Georgia, my legs ache, so I may have to move soon. Anyway, the music wakes them up and they want to move. I don't know what Georgia thinks of the music. She is a 'workin' cat, and seems to enjoy the blues, in particular. What a fine start to a day.

Now all we have to do is keep Ken Cuccinelli from becoming governor, and all will be well. He's that guy, you know, who doesn't want Virginians, which is for Lovers, to have oral sex. A friend from Australia hadn't heard his name, but knew of the bozo who proposed that piece of legislation.

Now that the cat's out of the bag, as it were: vote your conscience, but do vote. 

I feel tempered today. I don't want a drink, nor do I want to cut. I would like to go to Scotland, but that's a discussion for another day. Today, my troubles seem few, and so do my anxieties. All that is left to ensure the safety of the free world, is to take my anti-evil pills.

I especially like the start of September, just esthetically pleasing to me somehow, so I look forward to the coming month. The temperatures drop, and the leaves begin to turn, and the wind picks up. A few golden blades of grass dot the green, here and there in September, and I remember it as the start-of-school month. For our ancestors, it was an easy month, this harvest time, before the beginning of winter.

My room is tidy, and I am full. I can only hope that tomorrow starts like this.

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