Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Oh, it feels so very wrong to write at this hour. But I can live with it. At least Max, you remember Max, don't you? At least Max, hasn't been woken up...he has never gone to sleep. Yesterday was the International Day of the Dog...
Just ignore the laundry basket in the background; it's obvious that I do.

The cats are peeved and wait for Cat Day, which never comes because everyday...wait for it...is Cat Day. Max got played with overmuch yesterday, and played with the cats in return. He loves his pink ball, although it's a green one at Christmas time, and his small, tiny, teeny shard of bone that used to be much larger. I took him out a bit ago, and the stars are out. The moon is behind the house. It's supposed to be very hot in this corner of the world this week, hotter than it has been all summer.


Later, much, much later:

I had these odd dreams last night. So I wake at this late hour and scramble to finish this post. Don't get me wrong, I stayed awake through the night. The entire night, starting at 11 PM. I went back to sleep at 6 AM this morning. Forget first and second sleep...

One important thing is, I chose not to drink, in my dreams, and could have. All else is hubris...

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  1. I appreciate when you write about your ordinary... well worth following.